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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Tried It.....

.....The baking soda & water wash. I tried it!

After referring you to this facial cleansing method out of interest, I realized I needed to offer this information out of experience.

I am a champion of this cleansing method! - At least for my skin. My skin is on the oily side. And I have issues with large pores, as well as some discoloration. The slight abrasion of the wash seems to thoroughly remove the surface dead skin bringing a glow to my complexion. My skin has never felt cleaner, even with masks.

What the original author described about her skin feeling a little raw after repeated use, has also been somewhat my experience. But the feeling doesn't last long. Apparently my skin type cherishes the deep pore cleanse this method accomplishes. I would not use this method every day. But for me 2 - 3 times a week seems to work well. And the scrub effect causes no damage to my skin.

I remember at one time using an electric brush to obtain the same scrub effect and result. The brush seemed to break down my facial tissues, making my face looser and start to sag. By contrast the baking soda & water cleanse seems to tighten and tone my skin giving it better form and and a smoother surface.

If a small amount works, for me a lot will work better. My need for moderation is evident. According to my tendency I combined half a measure of baking soda to half a measure of water. This provided me with the scrub effect I like. You can either use the recipe from the post on cleansing, or try different combinations that may work better for you.

When I free rinsed the wash with my hands I caused somewhat of a mess on my clothes and my hair, as sometimes I make the mistake of not tying back my hair before I wash my face. It may be better to use a cloth to rinse. The baking soda washes off clothing and hair easily, but you don't want to miss any spots.

If you've used any of the cleansing methods shown, please feel free to let us know your experience in a comment. It always helps to share.

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