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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hijab Styles That Suit Your Face



Ever wonder about the best Hijab style for your face??
hijab face forms
Which face shape is yours?

First of all, before choosing the right style of wearing hijab according to your face shape, you need to determine what is your face shape…Always remember not to make your own judgement, sometimes what we think is not always correct, be real. There are many ways on how to figure out what shape you are. These include everything from outlining your face on a mirror with lipstick to draping your face shape with a towel and asking others to help you guess. But, there is actually a scientific way to find your face shape with great accuracy.

Measure it with a tape measure or ruler. You will take the following measurements:
  1. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper.
  2. Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. Write down the measurement.
  3. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally the widest point will be somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Write down the measurement.
  4. Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

How To Determine What Face Shape You Are 
  • You are a Oval if:  Length will be equal to one and a half times the width.
  • You are a Long: Length is 1½ times the width
  • You are a Round if: Your face is as wide as it is long. This may vary a little but generally the measurement is close.
  • You are a Rectangular if:  Your face is longer than it is wide.
  • You are a Heart if: Your face is narrow at jaw line, wide at cheekbones/and or forehead.
  • You are a Square if: Your face is about as wide as it is long.
  • You are a Triangular if: Your face is narrower at the temples and is wider at the jaw bone.
  • You are a Diamond if: Your face is widest at cheekbones, and if narrow forehead and jaw line of about equal widths.

A. The Oval Face Shape

The oval-shaped face is only slightly narrower at the jaw line than at the temples, with a gently rounded hairline. The oval can wear the widest variety of hijab styles of any of the face shapes.
Oval Face Shape hijab

B. The Long/Rectangular Face Shape

The long/rectangular shaped face is long and slender, about the same width at forehead and just below cheekbones. Rectangular faces may have a very narrow chin or a very high forehead.
If you have a long/rectangular face do not opt for a style that clings tightly around your face as it only emphasizes your elongated head. Instead you can try shortening the length by pulling your undercap down your forehead so it cuts at least a quarter of the length off your face. Expose your cheekbones as far back as you can to create some much needed width to your face while also choosing hijabs with ruffles and volume/detailing at the sides of your head to further create an illusion of width. Don’t add volume to the top of your head or expose your neck as this only extends the length of your face and drags it down. And whatever you do, don’t wear an Al-Amira pull on type scarf ever.
hijab LongRectangular Face shape

C. The Round Face Shape

The round shaped face is full-looking face with a round chin and hairline. Widest point is at the cheeks and ears on women with round.
Women with round faces should not wear undercaps/underscarves/bonnets that are pulled down over their forehead as it shortens a round face incredibly. Round faces need length, so if you do wear an undercap you need have it hidden. By doing this and by also framing the scarf close over the cheekbone area of your face, you can create the illusion of an oval shape.
Round faces should also avoid the Egyptian/Spanish hijab styles that expose the neck, especially if you have a double chin or chubby face in general. It doesn’t flatter at all and just makes you look like a fatty turtle head as it puts the focus straight on any chunkiness you have in that area. These styles only really look good on people who have a slender neck. Short necked people in general should stay away from this particular style as well.
Shayla is most suitable since shayla will allow for the most graceful and elegant look. Shaylas of textured or stretchy material work well because they add a bit of volume to the hijab that provide a narrowing effect to the round face.
hijabbeauty found faces

D. The Square Face Shape

A square-shaped face is strong, square jaw line and usually an equally square hairline.
People with square faces should not wear a tight style pulled right back under their chin that leaves their square jaw jutting out. It just makes your jawline look even more masculine. The typical Turkish style hijab that involves a square scarf pinned tightly under the chin and covers the sides of the top of your head looks horrible on square faced women as it turns their face into a heavy triangle. It seriously just pushes out a square jaw and loses all femininity instantly. Instead frame your chin and the sides of your jawline with a nice scarf to give a more rounded/oval appearance and keep the forehead and cheekbone area uncovered.
hijabbeauty square

E. The Heart/Triangular Face Shape

The heart-shaped face is wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin
Heart/Triangle shaped faces look great in looser hijab styles. A tightly wrapped hijab, specifically focused on the top half of the head, only emphasis your larger forehead area, so try to keep it draped in a loose effect by creating gentle folds around this area that fall down loosely around your jawline whilst covering the sides of your forehead to minimize the space and create a more pleasing diamond shaped face.
hijab Triangular Face Shape

F. The Diamond Face Shape

The diamond-shaped face is a cross between heart and a dramatic oval face shape. A diamond face is widest at the cheekbones, and narrow equally at the forehead and jaw line. A diamond face is balanced and dramatic.
This shape face has very soft angles at the bottom jaw and chin therefore looks good when you pin the hijab or wrap it behind the angle of the jaw. The prominent cheek bones in this face shape also look good with a hijab that doesn’t cover up too much of the bottom half of the face.
hijab diamond face

If you have any comments..please share it with me..Please take the above info as a guide to ease your hijab styling ..However, I would suggest everyone to experiment all style of hijab available at the moment in order for you to choose the best style that suits you.

Guest-Post from HavvaHijab.com

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