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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Halal Beauty Products: Ultimate List!

From A Muslimah's Musing's


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I really feel that this post is long overdue. We all have our favourite brands of make up and skin care and such but do we ever check to see what is inside of them?

Many could ask; "Do we really have to go this far? We already have to check food labels so why do we have to check beauty product labels as well?" 

To cut a long story short - we are not allowed to eat pork in Islam, this is a ruling of Allah SWT. Therefore why should be be rubbing these lotions full of pig by-product into our skin which we purify before salah? Personally, it doesn't make sense. I feel that we go about using these products blinded and because we have so many resources now we shouldn't need to be supporting these deceitful companies anymore and can now support the ones who use pure ingredients inshallah. 

Please do not get confused and mistake this blog post as something which you could find from the "haram police". This is just my and many other Muslims views. Allah made us the only mammal who can think, listen, read, write and talk. It's about time we used our noggin and stopped being so lazy with the excuse of "it doesn't say that in The Quran".

Al-Quran is the best guide to all mankind however Allah SWT gave us a brain to use logic and to think outside the box with reason. You may wish to avoid some or all by-product ingredients, we all have different ethical values.

Another point to remember is that Allah does not allow animal cruelty. Therefore an animals welfare is far more superior than the workings of the latest mascara.

You may also like to watch this video about animal welfare in Islam which is inspired by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - don't worry there are no shocking pictures in it.

If you are curious to know why I used the above excuse as an example then please read on, if not just jump to the next paragraph inshallah :) I use "it doesn't say that in The Quran" as this is the response I got when I politely explained to a sister that M&Ms were not halal to eat due to their colouring (they contain E120 Cochineal which is a beetle, that is crushed to get the red dye from it making the red and oorange M&Ms - it's also in some red food colouring and marshmellows fyi). However I think she forgot to undertsand that Allah SWT only made the pure animals and meat allowed for us to eat. Is it just me or does anyone else see where I am coming from in this point? Just because it doesn't say it in black and white that M&Ms are not halal to eat doesn't mean that it isn't true. This is why I support people thinking outside of the box within reason, because Allah gave each of us a mind to think subhanallah. 

Alot of this research has come together from me taking time out and digging with my own two hands! It is great how easy it is to get the information too. Many websites will be happy to reply to your questions through email, some already have those questions answered on their FAQ page, many have the full ingredient list available on their website under individual products. I recently had someone ask how to get ahold of this information as they were doing research, I hope that helped you a little.

Check your own bathroom cupboard, make-up bag or dresser and read the labels.

You maybe thinking "I've read the labels but most of it is gibberish!"
This is very true, many companies are not going to list an ingredient called "pig fat", therefore they use 'Glycerin' or 'Sodium Tallowate'. 
NOTE: Glycerin can be taken from different animals or plants or vegetables - so before you disguard that product, double check to see which type of 'Glycerin' is used. If it is plant or vegetable then it is OK to use. 

All you need to do is search for each ingredient online, it is worth it in the end trust me! Here is a useful list of animal products to start you off. You could just need to check out your favourite products, rather than the whole range if you don't want to :)

And if you need to know who test on animals and who do not and you can't find the info on the company website:PETA are here to help! 

In 2009 there was a ban on animal testing in the EU for cosmetic ingredients, however that is only in the EU. Animal testing is still ongoing throughout the world. Our products come from large companies based all around where these rules do not apply. Not forgetting the possible loop holes that some companies may have found to continue testing on animals in the EU. Only Allah knows, but we can all do our bit inshallah!

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