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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Muslim Women in Community and Society

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Ramadan Kareem

When it comes to the Islamic Covenant, both muslim men and muslim women have a mission in life. As muslimahs we adhere to this mission by contributing towards fulfilling the needs of communities to which we are exposed. This purpose is partly implemented thru our interactions with others in communicating True understanding. We also accomplish this Divinely Inspired goal with the impressions we make, as well as by our actions, words, and deeds. Wherever we go we are as beacons of guidance along The Way, as well as positive sources of inspiration.

Muslim women, truly Guided by Al Qur'an and Sunnah, have an enlightening social presence which streams encouragement into the experiences of both the muslims and the non-muslims with whom we interact. The sincerity we exude causes us to brilliantly shine with chaste, polite, discerning, and sociable attributes, opening hearts and minds to a vast array of Scripture-engendered awareness that produces God-fearing benefit. To this inspiration our deen is devoted, rewarded for follow-through, or called to account for avoidance.

Within each of our beings is a huge store of True vision that radiates thru our social stance, conduct, and interactions. From this rich, pure source we cleanse our souls, develop our voice, and devise our manner of connecting with others. Thus our presence stands out wherever we go as our nature enacts the values of these worthy attributes.

The American experience is in many ways a challenge to muslim women, as we sometimes experience freely diverse social arenas as in schools and untraditional social gatherings, while at times also facing the more defined classical customs predominant within business and its surrounding platforms. It is the purpose of AnNisa Designs, rooted in this American cultural paradigm, to humbly offer the dress that by Islamic standards promotes our social interaction as muslimahs within American culture. At AnNisa Designs we humbly strive thru fashion to introduce an upright, compelling impression into the mission-inspired expression and intent of our customers.

AnNisa Designs is expanding, emerging out of the cocoon of Creation to spread our wings into the styles and colors we envision as distinctively God-fearing, discerning, and sociable. Our purpose in this expansion is to grace women who cover with apparel that is uniquely lucid as deen-inspired expressions of Islamic purpose. 

InshaAllah our new web site at AnNisa Designs will launch in August, 2013 (next month), at which time we invite you to join us in celebrating our 'Site Warming,' as well as the continued development of our fashion concepts. 

See our current selections at www.annisadesigns.com. 

And at intervals check into this blog for further announcements of our new web store!

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